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  • Proud Member of:

    Border Clearance, Tariffs, International Shipping Company

    Import a Vehicle, Import Car into Canada, Import Vehicle into Canada

    Winners of the 5th Annual CATIE Awards 2013

    • Best Practices in Trade Compliance Processes Award – JORI International Ltd.

    • Trade Compliance Leadership Award – Rick Woods, President, JORI International Ltd.
  • Canadian Customs Brokers | Freight Forwarders | Customs Consultants

    A Sharper Competitive Edge

    Advanced logistics and confident Canada Customs support will set you apart

    We commit unequivocally to meeting your long-term need for advanced logistics solutions. Whether that means moving freight intelligently, clearing customs effectively or elevating operations to new heights of performance, it’s a need that JORI’s world of service can fulfill as we work with you to sharpen your edge.

    From its humble beginning in the early 1990s as a Canadian customs brokerage, JORI International has grown rapidly to become an industry-leading, fully integrated trade services provider, offering best-in-class solutions for:

    • Canadian Customs Brokerage

    • Global Freight Forwarding


    A Proven Track Record

    For over 20 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide the highest levels of expertise, service and reliability to our clients as they move their goods down the block, across the continent or around the world.

    We’re proud of our track record. Our client relationships, some of which are as old as we are, have grown to include some of Canada’s foremost importers and exporters.

    Our strategy is simple, which is why it remains unchanged and as relevant today as it was the day we started:

    • Provide unparalleled customer service

    • Lead the industry with innovative in-house technology

    • Prioritize relationships both locally and internationally

    We know your business is built on advantages that give you an edge over your competitors.

    We’ll help you sharpen that edge.